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Major General Griffin receives the Jack Nichol Award from Mr. Van Der Wildt, PIANC RecCom Chairperson.


Jack Nichol Award Presentation
February 26, 2003


MEDA 2003 HO

Participants (as noted left to right in photo)

Nicholas Tonsich

President of Los Angeles Board of Harbour Commissioners
Accepted award on behalf of the Los Angeles Board of Harbour Commissioners.

John Corrough
John was the EDAW representative and important advisor on the concept, layout, amenities and leasing program of the marina. He is a current consultant to the Port advising Property Management on improvements to the Cerritos Channel marinas. John had significant input into preparing the Jack Nichol award application.

Vern Hall
Vern was the Engineering Division lead and worked closely with Peter Mandia in the initial phases of the project. As the project moved into the design phase Vern's role became more prominent. He directed two Asst Project Managers, Bill McCleish (engineering aspects) and John Poindexter (architectural aspects) who worked closely with the consultant design team to complete the contract documents for the project and support it during construction. Vern advised us of the Jack Nichol award and encouraged us to apply.

Brig General Robert (Larry) Davis
Division Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers, South Pacific Division who is presenting the award on behalf of General Griffin, first delegate of the American delegation to the PIANC Congress in Sydney where the Award was announced.

Sally Nichol
Jack's widow graciously attended this first presentation of the award in her husband's honour.

Robert D. (Bob) Nichol
Bob is President of Moffatt and Nichol Engineers and Jack's brother. Bob is a US Commissioner to PIANC. Moffatt and Nichol Engineers has designed many wharf, dredging, landfill and terminal development projects in the Port of Los Angeles.

Peter Mandia
Pete was Project Manager for the Citizens Advisory Committee and the initial phase of the contract with Santina and Thompson, Inc/EDAW wherein the project was conceptualized, environmental analysis was performed, funding was developed and community support was cultivated.

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